The Internet - Communication Is In Your Hands

The Internet is one of the most powerful instruments of modern times.

The Internet was first conceived in the late 1950's by the US Government as a direct response to the Russians launching their earth satellite Sputnik.

Until the mid 1980s the Internet was more of a government/academic tool to guarantee a communication network would remain intact after a nuclear attack.

Variations of this network named ARPA and set up by the Advanced Research Projects Agency followed and it was not until 1985 that the US opened up the Internet to commercial interests. However it was not until the early 1990s that the Internet became popular with the public when early web browsers were launched.

Today the Internet is a household term. Most families in developed countries now have access to the Internet and with the ever-increasing speeds of broadband and a plethora of Internet service providers it has never been easier to go online. Many mobile phones offer online accessibility across their networks. Cafes and libraries also offer a place to go online.

The Internet offers its users a truly wide range of accessible knowledge. Just about any niche subject can be found. More importantly it gives users the chance to share their knowledge with others who may be on the other side of the planet. These people can then discuss their ideas, form clubs and societies, which they would not have been able to do easily before the arrival of the Internet.

Communication using the Internet is also easy and inexpensive. Once the cost of setting up a computer and choosing an Internet service provider has been done using the Internet to communicate is a very cheap and accessible medium. You can e-mail documents, photos and videos anywhere across the world for free and the recipient usually gets the email within seconds of it being sent. Also using voice over Internet protocol means live conversations can be had at minimal cost. A web cam can also be used to send live video over the Internet.

Many people use the Internet to promote their own or affiliate businesses online, which will reach a worldwide marketplace. Websites can offer secure transactions for products (often cheaper than high street retailers) and the goods will often arrive shortly after the purchase.

The majority of users make use of the Internet for leisure. Broadcasters stream live programs and radio. You can download movies, music and games, which can then be transferred to other media devices.

The Internet offers a limitless supply of ideas and information.


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